About Selma

Selma is a 1961 Shasta Camper. Pulled from a fella’s backyard in South Carolina, she was completely gutted on the inside and essentially just a shell. The exterior was in such horrible shape; that the owner’s used it as a template to re-design the Selma you see today.

Selma was completely rebuilt from the frame up. The entire interior was customized to accommodate it as the business’ mobile storefront. With a chic and handsome “new” interior and a clean, white exterior; Selma became a reality for the company to get their small batch pastries around Charlotte and surrounding towns.

You can pick-up privately placed orders from their commercial kitchen in Camp North End. Unless you have a sweet tooth and want to snag a pastry from Selma at events.

To find us at other events, click here for a full schedule.

Selma Rental Information

Cakes, Pastries, and Coffee are priced & sold separately.

Email or Call for inquires.

About the Storefront

Our store hours at Camp North End are:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 10am – 4pm

Thursday: 10am – 4pm

Friday: 10am – 8pm

Saturday: 10am – 8pm

Sunday: 10am – 4pm